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Hampton, Virginia's #1 Escape Room


We're perfect for family fun, birthdays, friendly gatherings, and corporate team-building.

You have 60 minutes within a uniquely themed room to observe, uncover, and solve as many puzzles as you can to reach your goal. Come find us in the Peninsula Town Center!

Reserve Your Booking In Advance

(Reservations are highly recommended as walk-in availability cannot be guaranteed.)

Are you ready to unlock the fun?

Ever found yourself saying,


Join our Valentine's Day Couples Mixer and enjoy mingling and escaping with newfound friends.

6-8pm, February 14th.

Take advantage of this 2-for-$50 date night deal!

Image by Miquel Parera
Working Together

It's time to work together.

Our escape rooms are perfect ice-breakers for getting people into the swing of communicating, collaborating, and working together in the workplace.

to plan your corporate team-building event!

Our Rooms

Spilled Milkshake

Greta's Diner

up to 8 players

It looks like the rival diner across the street is taking more than just your weekly regulars... Your world-famous pancake recipe has gone missing and you know Greta is to blame. Sneak in before the early crowd rushes into Greta's Diner, and take back what's yours! 

Can you sneak in and find your missing recipe before the neon open sign lights up?

The Great Estate Burglary

up to 8 players

Your associate has scored you an invitation to a roaring party full of glitz and glam. Word on the street is that the fabulous host, Francesca Dotson keeps a safe full of precious diamonds and pearls upstairs in her boudoir. You've managed to slip off into the wealthy heiress' bedroom without anyone noticing, but now you've got a job to do. Crack the safe and escape before this Gatsby-styled gathering turns into a search party.


Can you pull off this ritzy heist before Francesca catches you red-handed? 

Image by Kier... in Sight
Wooden Cabins

Cabin 11

up to 6 players

Sleepaway camp was going great, until it started getting weird. First, it was the scraping and sloshing sounds during the night - then, the disappearances. The counselors are gone, your cabin mates are gone., and now the power's out inside Cabin 11. You have 60 minutes to save yourself and find a way out, before you disappear into the night too.

Can you escape Cabin 11 and make your way to safety?

Merlin's Tower


It's time to take a step out of reality and into the magical world of wizardry.

Do you have what it takes?

Image by Amandine BATAILLE

PUBLIC GAME: Couples Valentine's Day Mixer

18 slots available

Don't mind playing with others? Mix, Mingle, and Meet other couples before playing The Great Estate Burglary and Greta's Diner.

Come at 6pm, Play at 7pm, Valentine's Day only.

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