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We're perfect for family fun, birthdays, friendly gatherings, and corporate team-building.

You have 60 minutes within a uniquely themed room to observe, uncover, and solve as many puzzles as you can to reach your goal. Come find us in the Peninsula Town Center!

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Working Together

It's time to work together.

Our escape rooms are perfect ice-breakers for getting people into the swing of communicating, collaborating, and working together again. 

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Our Rooms

Diner Breakfast

Greta's Diner

up to 8 players

Greta has always been jealous of the success of your diner. People from all over the world come to you, just to get a taste of your famous pancakes. Celebrities, dignitaries, you name it! They've all paid you a visit while walking right past Greta's Diner. Last night, your pancake recipe went missing, and there's only one person to blame! Now, you must sneak into Greta's in the middle of the night and retrieve your prized recipe, or else your diner will fade from fame and our business will be crushed!

Can you take back your recipe and save your diner?

The Great Estate Mystery

up to 8 players

Francesca Dotson is a name that everyone knows around town, what with the mysterious circumstances under which her husbands keep dying. Everyone knows there’s something afoot, but there’s been no proof with which to link her to the deaths. But, every private gumshoe needs a big case to break them into the scene, right? And what better opportunity to look around than a lavish party? You have 60 minutes to find the evidence you need to break this case wide open before Miss Dotson retires to her room for the night and catches you red-handed.

Can you crack this case and become the best private eye around?

Gold Interior
Wooden Cabins

Cabin 11

up to 6 players

Sleepaway camp was going great, until it started getting weird. First, it was the scraping and sloshing sounds during the night - then, the disappearances. The counselors are gone, your cabin mates are gone., and now the power's out inside Cabin 11. You have 60 minutes to save yourself and find a way out, before you disappear into the night too.

Can you escape Cabin 11 and make your way to safety?

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