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Welcome to the #1 Escape Room in Hampton: Escape Room Virginia Peninsula

Welcome to the #1 Escape Room
in Hampton, Virginia

Unlock the Fun™

Reserve Your Private Escape Room Booking Online. Reservations are highly recommended as walk-in availability cannot be guaranteed.

As a team, you will have 60 minutes to work together, uncover the hidden clues, and solve as many puzzles as you can to reach your goal. Our escape rooms are perfect for bonding as friends, family, or co-workers!​

Will you escape in time?

Our Rooms

The Great Exorcism

(18+ recommended)
up to 8 players

Welcome to your home! After having purchased the "Great Estate" for a great price at auction, you soon discover there are many mysteries to uncover beyond the creaky flooring and unreliable electricity. There are plenty of clues that point to the terrible history of Emily Dotson, the last little girl to live in the home, and you can't help but feel that someone or something definitely wants to ensure that you stay. 

Can you escape the evil powers that hold you locked in Emily's childhood bedroom or will history repeat itself? 

great exorcism_web photo-01.png
Greta's Diner Escape Room

Greta's Diner
up to 8 players

By golly! It's your very first day working at the hippest diner in town. You know the one - Greta's Diner, home of the award-winning stack: Greta's Pancakes. But Greta herself has caught a bad case of the cooties and won't be able to flip any flapjacks for this morning's breakfast rush! But don't worry, Greta left her secret recipe hidden in a special place for you... somewhere...?

Can you keep your wits about you and your new peachy keen job or will you flip out and have a cow?

Cabin 11
up to 6 players
Rumors of a hideous swamp monster lurking around Camp Okeechobee have existed for years. You didn't believe the tall tales, until you began to hear the scratching, screaming, and strange sloshing sounds at night. Now that the power has been cut and camp counselors nowhere to be found, you've found yourselves trapped inside Cabin 11.

Will you and your fellow campers be able to escape Cabin 11 and ride the first bus out of Camp Okeechobee, or will the swamp monster turn you into fish food?

cabin 11 escape room
Image by Amandine BATAILLE

Merlins Tower

(Coming Soon)
up to 8 players
Enter Merlin's Tower and uncover the mystery of the missing Wizard.

Can you cast the right incantations to set him free or will Dark Magic spell disaster for you and your fellow heroes?

Working Together on Project

Break the Ice

Our escape rooms are perfect for getting your team to communicate, collaborate, and work together more efficiently in the workplace.

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