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Our Rooms

Great Estate Burglary

up to 8 players

Tired of always being a goody two shoes? Well in the Great Estate Burglary, you finally get to be the bad guy. Ms. Francesca is hosting a raging party downstairs which is a perfect distraction for you to sneak off to her bedroom and steal her precious jewels.

Will you complete the job or will you find yourself going to the big house?

Book The Great Estate Burglary at Escape Room Virginia Peninsula
Book Greta's Diner at Escape Room Virginia Peninsula

Greta's Diner

up to 8 players

Within this 1950's diner, you'll be tasked with relocating your family's missing famous pancake recipe.

Will you catch Greta with your prize-winning recipe or will shell catch you?

Book Cabin 11 at Escape Room Virginia Peninsula

Cabin 11

up to 8 players

Ever had a bad experience at summer camp? Well it won't compare to the one Kenny is having. 

Will you help Kenny find his way home from summer camp before the lake monster returns to Cabin 11?

Merlin's Tower


Your quest along the kingdom allows you some time to visit the castle home of your fantastical friend, Merlin. Although strangely, Merlin is nowhere to be found. The wizard's apprentice, Morgana, has acquired a thirst for power, trapping your friend Merlin within The Realm of Mirrors.


Can you follow the clues and use all the right spells to set him free, or will you find yourselves trapped behind the reflection along with him?

Merlin's Tower Coming Soon to Escape Room Virginia Peninsula
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